Bitcoin Cash Domination Over Ethereum

Bitcoin Cash has been feeling quite strong in relation Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as many other altcoins. It seems that BCH is getting quite a lot of attention lately and could be very interesting to watch in the coming weeks.

Looking at “The King” – The Bitcoin, it has reached the resistance level and at the moment struggling to break above. Investors are uncertain of the short-term Bitcoin outcome and here Bitcoin Cash could come handy as a method of diversification while the BTC having some rest.

Looking at the Bitcoin Cash against the Ethereum, clearly, BCH is winning this battle and gained over 130% in the past few weeks. ECH/ETH does continue to look strong and there is more potential growth. While currently, it is trading at ETH 2.02, the price could go to ETH 3.00 or 3.50 in a very near future.

Only a break below the uptrend trendline, if the price will manage to go below 1.2, will change the direction of the BCH/ETH from up to down.




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