Buy All Coins!

With hundreds of Cryptocurrencies being on the market, it is not hard, but extremely difficult to choose the one and only one to invest in.

But at the end of the day, a Solid Idea, Strong Team and clever marketing techniques will do their job and can send one coin to the sky while others might fall. It seems you need a good bit of luck to succeed, but you can’t rely on predict when is that luck going to take place.

Just a little bit of math so you can have a picture of the power of diversification:

If you had put $100 each week over the last year, and invest it evenly in top 50 coins with the largest market cap, there would be a total investment of USD5,200. Guess how much it would worth today? A whopping $50,000!

The point here is that it could be wise to use the market cap in order to establish the potential for that coin.

It might not be necessary to spend all your time on research, reading forums while seeking for some sort of advice.

It might not be necessary a good idea to invest all your money in a few coins and hoping that they will dramatically increase in value.

The market cap could be a very solid indication of the coin potential.

Diversify, don’t be greedy, enjoy what you do!



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