Litecoin Has Substantial Growth Potential

Perhaps Litecoin has provided the most consistent and steady growth amongst all coins. After reaching the highest high at $94 on the 2nd of September it corrected down strongly and lost 64%. Although this is a very small correction down compared to most coins.

Litecoin is the most correlated with Ethereum, having an 73% correlation over the past 90 days. And yes, Ethereum also looks very strong and together with Litecoin could be the top choices for investors in the coming months. They are true candidates for the highest potential gain and the current price, which stands at $60 does look very attractive indeed.

The potential upside targets are based on Fibonacci retracement levels and are $110 (110%), $170 (225%) and $230 (340%).

340% gain sounds massive, but this could be a reality before the end of this year. Technically speaking there are no signs of weakness and the only way it could reverse is making it below $33, which at this point is highly unlikely.



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