Litecoin VS Bitcoin, Who Will Dominate?

Litecoin was in a strong uptrend from March, up until May 2017, gaining a huge 500% against Bitcoin. After this rally, a range trading started, and up until this point, LTC/BTC is moving within a very wide corridor between BTC 0.01 and 0.02, that is 100% difference in value.

And once again, throughout this month Litecoin is trading at the bottom of this corridor and what is important, rejecting it, which could result in yet another strong growth like it happened previously.

Currently, it might seem too early to buy LTC/BTC because risk, that the support will be broken, is still there. Nevertheless, market participants, that like aggressive trading could start giving more value to Litecoin, rather than Bitcoin.

A break below BTC 0.01 could establish a longer-term decline for LTC/BTC, but with the given facts, growth seems to be more likely.



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