Bitcoin Stays on a Background While Stellar Takes Initiative

The recent high volatility of STR/BTC could be just a beginning of a very strong growth. The uptrend trendline has been broken. Fibonacci applied to the corrective wave after the trendline breakout shows that today Stellar rejected 127.2% retracement level which is at 645 Satoshi.

The nearest resistance level is at 932 Satoshi, and this is the very first target, which is over 30% growth. As a final target, 527.2% Fibonacci level could be the case, that is at 1793 Satoshi and could provide a potential profit for Stellar of over 150% from the current price.

While the volatility and high trading volume is there the probability of an uptrend continuation remains high. The opportunity is there, whether take it or not, everyone will decide for themselves.



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