Synereo WildSpark Beta Version Goes Live Today

Synereo aims to find solutions to the “attention economy” by adding “attention economy layer to the existing platforms. WildSpark users should be able to reward those that create the content by simply sending content creators by sending Synereo AMP coins through WildSpark. With more and more AMP will be used to upvote the content, it should be reflected in the growth in value of the APM and overall will be very positive for Synereo project. When a user likes particular content, he can then invest AMP in that content and will be provided with a unique link. With more users sharing the link, the content will get amplified more and more, and these users will get a share of the contributions. WildSpark basically allows users to share the content they like in a way that rewards both, the content user and the content creator using Synereo cryptocurrency.
“WildSpark is the first publicly available product that makes use of the ‘AMP’, Synereo’s digital currency. WildSpark addresses the fact that content and its creators are bound by the monetization methods and strict guidelines mandated by a few large mega-corporations.”

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Anderson McCutcheon

Synereo is the first company that aims to find a solution to the “attention economy” in a serious manner. The ongoing work on the tools and solutions for content creators is a number one objective for Synereo. Not only WildSpark gives a direct compensation for those who create value, but also allows to benefit from using digital currency. What is more interesting is that this solution can be integrated into already existing platforms, without a need to be tied to one of the platforms.
The Alpha version of WildSpark (which was renamed from QRator) has been available for private testing for quite some time now. And now, anyone interested in being part of the “attention economy” can sign up for WildSpark Beta Version that goes live Today.



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