8 Coins Which Rejected MA At The Same Time

During current consolidation period, a lot of cryptocurrencies bottomed on the 17th of January. But there is certain similarity amongst 8 particular coins that have some interesting statistics.

The 200 Moving Average is considered a trend revealing indicator which does often shows the long-term support. The similarity of the 8 coins is that they all rejected the 200 MA at the same time. But not all of them performed well during the next 10 days, and here is the comparison up to this date

  • Steem: 82%
  • Stellar: +79%
  • Lunyr: +33%
  • Basic Attention Token: +32%
  • Pivx: +21%
  • Lisk: +20%
  • SysCoin: +10%
  • OmiseGo: +13%

This is just to show top performance in regards to above-mentioned statistics, where the clear winners are Steem and Stellar. Will that tendency continue? Only time will tell.



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