Bitcoin Bullish and Bearish Scenarios

Since the 14th of August, when price tested the low at $5858, Bitcoin has established an uptrend, that can be confirmed by the higher highs and higher lows. The strong support has been established at $6256, which has been rejected multiple times, with the most recent bounce occurred on the 23rd of August.

Yet, clear indecision is dominating, considering the fact that price broke first above the triangle patter and then below it. Nevertheless the 61.8% Fibonacci support has been rejected, and bullish scenario at this point is more favorable.

Recently strong resistance at $6500 has been broken, which today has acted as the support. Therefore, while BTC/USD is above this support, buyers could start to take more and more action, pushing price higher, perhaps towards the strong psychological resistance at $10k area.

On the downside, if Bitcoin breaks below the $6500 level, and then below the triangle patter once again, ten price is likely to test $6256 support, and potentially go even lower. At this stage bullish scenario should be invalidated and either a downtrend or a consolidation might be the case.



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