Blockchain Has Huge Potential – Demand For Education Increasing

Not so long ago cryptocurrency was not treated seriously and many suspected it to be just another scam or a bubble. But these days the blockchain concept is being widely integrated and used by everyone, including governments.

The popularity of blockchain transactions is backed up by security, anonymity, decentralization, fraud protection and at the same time absence of the banks which are acting as a middleman taking a huge chunk from all transactions.

While cryptocurrencies gaining popularity, the demand for miners is increasing each day. The Miner’s job is to create new blocks, in other words, “do the math” for what they are rewarded with the mined cryptocurrency.

Miners are making huge income which becomes obvious now and people starting to realize the huge profit potential. This has boosted the demand for all types of courses related to the blockchain technology.

While the demand for blockchain education was growing, the “supply” had to do the same. The number of Courses related to blockchain had experienced a strong growth.

Based on the information in LinkedIn, provided by the Financial Times, the numbers of blockchain related jobs advertised in June this year has tripled in relation to the same time last year.

Industry experts predict that crypto money might become the moving force in the future of finance, making the blockchain related courses extremely demanded.



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