Crypto Mining Malware – Growing Pace

Based on Kaspersky Lab latest report, over 1.65 million computers were attacked by cryptocurrency mining malware. And this is only up until September 2017.

Kaspersky cybersecurity said that this data is based only on computers that are running Kaspersky software, where the attacks by the malicious software were detected. This malware is programmed to control a mining device remotely while the computer owner has no idea that his computing power is used by someone else.

At the moment the number of attacks compared to 2016 is less, which was 1.8 million. However keep in mind that 2017 has not ended yet the total number of attacks will most likely exceed 2017. To understand the pace at which these sort of attacks are moving, in 2014 only around 700,000 mining malware attacks were recorded.

It is yet unknown how many computers were infected around the world as Kaspersky Lab only reveled the number based on their clients.

Cryptocurrency mining malware is nothing new and the latest botnets that were found this year was developed by a group of hackers, that are generally called Shadow Brokers.



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