IOTA vs Bitcoin Upside Targets

Very good performance has been shown by IOTA during the past week. IOTA has outperformed Bitcoin by 130%, rising from BTC 0.000045 up to the current price that is BTC 0.0001

While it was at the bottom testing BTC 0.000045 IOTA/BTC has formed a bullish divergence of the RSI oscillator. The strong wave up that has followed resulted in the break above the 200 Moving Average, that actually happened just today.

The short-term trend remains bullish and IOTA should be testing one of the Fibonacci resistance levels applied to the corrective wave after the middle trendline of the descending channel.

There are 3 upside targets that would correspond with the upper trendline of the descending channel as well as 2/1 trendline of the Gann Fan.

  1. 327.2% Fibs – BTC 0.000112
  2. 427.2% Fibs – BTC 0.000125
  3. 527.2% Fibs – BTC 0.000138



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