Metaverse (ETP) x20 Growth Potential

During the past month, Metaverse has been one of the best performers against the USD as well as BTC.  Throughout entire month of July price was rising consistently and from $0.46 low it has already reached $2.24 high, resulting in almost 400% gain against the USD.

ETP currently looks even stronger, after it broke the 23.6% Fibs resistance at $1.82. After the breakout price corrected down and found the support at the previous Fib resistance level, after which produced a new high.

Higher high and higher lows pattern along with the break above the resistance indicates on a strong uptrend which is likely to continue.

Based on previous analysis on multiple cryptocurrencies, price usually increases by 10 or 20 times, which is regular in the strong bull market. It is possible that ETP/USD bull market has already started, that could bring price up to the $20 or even $25 area.

This would result in a growth of at least 20 times from the recent low at $0.46, which is enormous potential that can be achieved in a relatively short time-frame.



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