NXT Skyrocketing After Jelurida Showed Off Nxt System

Jelurida, the holder of intellectual property rights for Nxt software and the Ardor blockchain platform, has announced the results of a blockchain workshop ran on 15th May. It claims a dramatic difference in Nxt software performance compared to its competitors, in this case, processing more than ten times the number of transactions that could be currently handled by Bitcoin in the same time frame.

The test workshop, which used a modified version of a Nxt 1.11.5 private blockchain instance, saw three million transactions submitted to the blockchain by a load testing tool, while the nodes behaviour and performance were carefully inspected and profiled.

“These results are very encouraging and clearly demonstrate Jelurida’s technical expertise and the efficacy of the Nxt system,” comments Travin Keith, Marketing Director and Blockchain Consultant at the Nxt Foundation. “As a company that develops second generation decentralised financial platform, one of the goals of Jelurida is to create platforms that are scalable, transparent, and can be applied to a wide variety of everyday technical problems. It’s also very exciting to hear that while Jelurida was able to scale Nxt transactions up to 100 TPS, they’re also planning to invest resources into developing an even more scalable blockchain solution for Ardor in order to handle a growing number of child chains.”

Jelurida plans to run further tests to ensure that all users can benefit from these optimisations on the public blockchain in addition to private versions.



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