Obelisk Project – A Siacoin Teaser

On June 18th the lead Siacoin developer David Vorick posted a mysterious logo in the Slack community. The filename of the logo was “obeliskComingSoon.png”

Apparently “Obelisk” is a new project the developers of Sia have been teasing and it has been revealed that the Obelisk SC1 is a Siacoin mining ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit).

More information about Obelisk will be gradually released during this week. Lead developer David has promised that by the end of Friday, 23rd of June, everyone will know what Obelisk is all about.

All currently available information has been leaked through the #obelisk channel in the Sia Slack community.

On June 20th SiaTeam memberTaek42 talks about Obelisk on reddit:

“We are trying something new with the way we roll out Obelisk, and we’ll know based on the reaction when the full reveal happens whether it was a good way to launch Obelisk or not.
I’m happy to reassure everyone who is concerned that Obelisk is not a troll, and that it’s also much more substantial than a weekend project. I can’t promise that you will like it, but it is something big and substantial, and it is good for Sia and an important step for any Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency”

This teaser by SiaTeam could start pumping up the price of Siacoin, but at the same time it is hard to predict market reaction after all the information regarding the Obelisk will be revealed. It could have either a positive or negative effect, and in either case large price swings could be expected.



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