Patientory – Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

Patientory is a cybersecurity blockchain-based distributed electronic medical record network. Its like a bridge that connects siloed, centralized EMR systems. Healthcare organizations can use it securely to get the private heald information of patients at any moment. The demand for healthcare cybersecurity solutions is growing and so could be for Patientory coin.

As a very new coin, Patientory does not have much of a track, but if the demand is there, a healthy growth will come.

PTOY/USD has been declining since mid-September way down from $0.6 to $0.15, resulting in a loss of over 70% during the past five weeks.

During this decline, it broke the uptrend trendline and currently facing the support at $0.157. Technically speaking, the current price is attractive for buyers and the Patientory value could slowly start rising.

Speaking of risk, break below the support might result in a further downtrend, so buyers should be careful at this moment. More confirmation of the uptrend would be ideal, but in any case, it should be noted, that PTOY/USD is trading at the support.



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