Take Caution with Odyssey

The Odyssey token – ICN, has been one of the best performance in the recent market. Since 9th of September price went up from $0.003 up to $0.005 in just one week time. This has resulted in a Odyssey gain of over 75% over the USD.

But it is obvious that the resistance is now at $0.005, where price has formed a double top. In addition, downtrend trendline has been rejected, along with the upper trendline of the ascending channel.

This makes $0.005 a very strong resistance level, which being rejected suggests the potential correction down. Price might retrace towards the 200 Moving Average area or even all the way down to the uptrend trendline.

However, watch the resistance breakout as this should indicate strong bullish momentum for the ONC/USD, where x2 growth potential will become highly probable.



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