The “Triple S” Coins With Good Potential

There are few coins that do deserve attention. Why the are so interesting? First of all, they have been highly correlated with each other during the past 50 days. All 3 coins performed similar, losing 26-31% of the dollar value during that time, and they have been moving very close to each other, acting very similar.

All 3 of them have shown a good growth during this week, unlike many other coins, and what is most important is that this tendency is likely to continue.

The 3 coins are:




And this is why they can be a called a “Correlated Triple S”

It seems those coins will be amongst the most interesting to watch in the coming weeks, that could provide a healthy growth to investors.

If any of them will break below the low, established during the past 50 days, others are likely to do the same and obviously, this would invalidate the bullish outlook. Nevertheless, at this time they might have the best perspective in the short run.



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